Book Reviews


This fast-moving, enjoyable book is loaded with great stories, wonderful insights and excellent advice on how to be a better leader in every area of your life.

Brian Tracy
Author, How The Best Leaders Lead

You will never view television in quite the same way again after reading this special book. Staak pulls fascinating insights and life lessons from our favorite television shows and their well-known characters. Tune In to WOW Leadership is a unique and fun way to learn about how to become the “WOW” leader of your own career and life.

Betsy Myers
Founding director of the Center for Women and Business, author of Take the Lead, and senior adviser to two US presidents

Today’s most fertile landscape for creativity and nuance might just be American television, and Sheri Staak puts those imaginative visions to good use. Examples and counter-examples of effective leadership, steadfast integrity, and strength in the face of adversity abound on television, and Staak’s clear, powerful connections are useful to anyone in a leadership position today. Accessible, intelligent, even fun, Tune In to WOW Leadership is not to be missed!

Marshall Goldsmith
Top-ranked executive coach and author of New York Times best-seller What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Sheri Staak nailed the internal attributes of leadership in her book, Tune In To WOW Leadership. Great read for leaders at any stage of their leadership journey.

Jim Metevier
Former Yum! Brands executive, COO, KFC

Experience leadership in the company of your favorite TV characters. Sheri Staak brings leadership lessons alive in a most delightful way.

Ken Jennings
Best-Selling Author of The Serving Leader and The Greater Goal

Lead by example…learn by example. Sheri Staak provides WOW Leadership lessons and insights by taking us back into the lives of many favorite and unforgettable TV personalities. BRILLIANT!!

Patricia R. Miller
Vera Bradley co-founder

For anyone who is challenged to figure out the world of organizations and the genesis of leadership, now we have a fun, insightful, practical guide for anyone wanting to up their leadership game! And instead of talking about business in conventional ways, you can now read this book, and then justify hours of TV watching as good leadership research....

Professor Todd Jick
Columbia Business School, and Author of Managing Change

Sheri Staak recognizes those ''WOW” qualities that make Steve McGarrett an enduring hero and an inspirational leader. Her unique perspective makes “Tune in to WOW Leadership” an entertaining and informative read.

Peter Lenkov
Executive producer and creator of Hawaii 5-0

Those of you who are television enthusiasts will be enthralled by Sheri Staak's analysis of what it takes to have integrity as a leader. Staak profiles many leadership stories from Netflix's Piper Chapman's indiscretions in Orange is the New Black to Kevin Spacey's evil-doing Frank Underwood in the political drama House of Cards, to give the reader a WOW experience of what to do (and what not to do) to be a trustworthy leader. Enjoy this captivating read, full of valuable reminders of how to lead effectively.

Kathy Cramer
Ph.D., Author, Lead Positive: What Highly Effective Leaders See, Say, and Do, Founder and Managing Partner, The Cramer Institute

Using a refreshingly unconventional approach, Sheri Staak takes a look at what makes today’s leadership qualities truly stand out. Pulling lessons from some of the most memorable TV episodes and characters, Staak shows us tangible ways to improve our communication skills, build trust with our colleagues, and earn the respect of others. Millennials and Baby Boomers alike will find ways to incorporate these learnings and truly ‘WOW’ as leaders. By utilizing the helpful “WOW in Action” exercises, I’m already seeing positive differences in the way I approach and solve issues with my team.

BJ Jones
Head of sales, AstraZeneca Diabetes

Tune In to WOW Leadership is the "TV guide" to visualizing leadership skills that will WOW!

Sylvia McBrinn
Board director, former CEO and president, Axerion Therapeutics, Inc.

Tune In to WOW Leadership is an adventure in leadership learning that is a must read for any leader, whether you are just beginning your leadership journey or you’ve been at it for a long time. You can open this book to any page and find a wealth of helpful guidance and food for thought. Tune In to WOW Leadership is chock full of practical, actionable advice that is sure to expand your capacity to lead in every area of your life. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their leadership influence and impact to the next level.

David A. O’Brien
President of WorkChoice Solutions and bestselling author of The Navigator’s Handbook, 101 Leadership Lessons for Work & Life

Engaging, insightful, inspiring. This book challenges leaders to rethink the effectiveness of their current methods and established organizational rules of engagement.

Ward Clapham
Author, Lead Big: Discovering the Upside of Unconventional Leadership

As an entrepreneur and leader of a small business, I understand the value of leadership. Sheri's book is a refreshing take on the tired topic of leadership. Tune In to WOW Leadership presents leadership in a way that is fun, engaging and informative for all.

Mary White
Founder & CEO

In her new book, Tune In to WOW Leadership Sheri Staak gives us a 'Prime Time' read that reminds us of the qualities we admire in WOW Leaders and of the leader we all set out to become.”

Gregory Schofield
CEO, Sales Performance Consulting and former Executive VP Sales for Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Tune In to WOW Leadership is written in a relatable style and great for current and future leaders as it is easy and fun to read. It is a good reminder of what it takes to be successful and respected! By sharing examples from popular TV shows, it really depicts needed behavior to be a WOW leader.

Laurie Kahn
President/Founder, Media Staffing Network

Sheri Staak has just created a fun, easy to grasp leadership book entitled Tune In to WOW Leadership. As a leader of a major lighting company for TV and films, I really connected with the way Sheri is able to share with us leadership skills through our favorite TV characters. I was totally impressed with this approach, not only because I come from TV and Film, but also because anyone who is in a leadership role and who watches TV will relate to the concepts put before them. Tune In to WOW Leadership is must read for anyone who has to display any leadership skills whether in the work place or out in the world.

Roy MacDonald
CEO Briteshot

Often the most memorable way to communicate ideas is through stories. Sheri does this by linking her leadership concepts to TV characters we either love or hate. It's a fun way to highlight traits that are important for successful leaders.

Mike Kaufmann
CEO, pharmaceutical segment, Cardinal Health

Young professionals will find Tune In To WOW Leadership a primer in how to lead and manage not only others, but themselves.

Margaret H. Greenberg
Bestselling co-author of Profit from the Positive: Proven Leadership Strategies to Boost Productivity and Transform Your Business and positive business columnist for Live Happy Magazine