About WOW Leadership


Why is WOW leadership important? After all, if you’re the boss, those you lead are, by definition, obligated to follow—whether you’re a “good leader” or not. So why does it matter if you’re a WOW? Think about it this way: anyone can have a child and become a parent—but being a good mother or father requires a lot more than biology. How you raise your children affects their future in so many ways—you’re not always going to be perfect or do everything right, but if the foundation of your parenting is solid, your kids are more likely to thrive as adults. The same is true in leadership. Anyone can be given the title of boss, but only those who truly care to WOW as leaders will be able to elicit improved performance, increased motivation, and a heightened sense of camaraderie within the team. In other words, WOW leaders bring out the WOW in others. Leading in a WOW way makes everyone—including the leader—more content, more productive, and ultimately, more successful.

How to Wow

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