About Sheri


Sheri Staak has been a corporate powerhouse for close to 30 years, with an impressive resume that boasts a steady progression of successful career promotions. She has held key leadership roles at both large privately held and publicly traded global companies. Throughout the years, Sheri has proven herself by spearheading and mentoring numerous leadership and management teams, with a particular emphasis on the development of top corporate talent.

Sheri has been the recipient of numerous sales awards and recognitions, and is widely respected and revered in her industry. By harnessing her passion for leadership and teamwork, Sheri has become a trusted advisor and coach.

She is not only an expert in her field with a proven sales record, but is an innovator and trailblazer with a clear, unwavering focus. Sheri has chaired numerous project teams and led diversity initiatives  focusing on the development of top talent and challenges of women in leadership.

She’s worked with and managed more than 1,300 sales representatives in highly aggressive and competitive marketplaces in the U.S. Her ability to maintain high levels of engagement with both individuals and management teams in challenging environments and marketplaces has made her one of the top performers in the industry.

Having led businesses with more than  $1 Billion in revenue, and working with successful start-ups and managing turnarounds too, Sheri’s broad range of experience in both the small business and corporate workplace has provided her with a wealth of knowledge she’s sharing in The STAAK Report.

Sheri has a BS in Marketing from the University of Central Florida and has participated in programs at Thunderbird School of Global Management at the University of Michigan, the Ross School of Business and the Kellogg Graduate School of Management. Her affiliations include the Healthcare Business Women’s Association (HBA), Life Science Professionals, U.S. Biotechnology Professionals and the UpJohn |Pharmacia | Pfizer Network.

Sheri is a regular contributor to a travel newsletter, lending her expertise by writing articles that provide tips and advice for business travelers. Sheri is married and has two children.

The Staak Report:

Taking “Staak” of Your Leadership Life

With The STAAK Report, Sheri aims to draw on her personal and career experiences to help you take stock of your own business and life perspectives. No matter how successful you may be, there is always an opportunity to grow, learn, and improve. Sheri feels that by imparting the wisdom she has acquired over the years through both rewarding victories and educational stumbles, she can encourage and inspire others to be their own personal best.

Follow The STAAK Report to learn how someone with confidence, talent, and motivation can rise to the top of their field while keeping their integrity intact and gaining the respect of their peers.

The blog will not only entertain with personal anecdotes and inspirational stories, but will introduce new perspectives on many tried-and-true business techniques and approaches. Sheri’s thoughts and observations will help guide you and coach you to make the most informed and confident choices in your business and personal life.

By reading the STAAK Report, you’ll be moved to take stock in your own actions and decisions, providing you with the strength and confidence to catapult you to the next level of success.